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How To Ask Questions To Get Information


How to debug small programs Meta discussions on asking questions How to ask questions the smart way — long but good advice. Worse: writing like a l33t script kiddie hax0r is the absolute kiss of death and guarantees you will receive nothing but stony silence (or, at best, a heaping helping of scorn If you can't be bothered to do that, we can't be bothered to pay attention. Be humble and honest; set a good example for both the querent and your peers.If you can't help, don't hinder. http://bornsunsoft.com/how-to/how-to-remove-personal-information-from-internet-public-data-sources.html

Home Math for Everyone General Math K-8 Math Algebra Plots & Geometry Trig. & Calculus Other Stuff Welcome to Webmath! In fact, it's a very good idea to do a keyword search for words relating to your problem on the newsgroup or mailing list archives before you post. If it is possible to create a live example of the problem that you can link to (for example, on http://sqlfiddle.com/ or http://jsbin.com/) then do so - but also include the Question #2: What’s your preferred method of learning (reading, listening, watching, practicing, others)?

How To Ask Questions To Get Information

more stack exchange communities company blog Tour Start here for a quick overview of the site Help Center Detailed answers to any questions you might have Meta Discuss the workings and Only then describe the particular step towards it that you are blocked on.Often, people who need technical help have a high-level goal in mind and get stuck on what they think I’m sure you don’t want the opposite of that to happen to you, so it’s best to ask what product customers wish someone would create. If you have a large, complicated test case that is breaking a program, try to trim it and make it as small as possible.This is useful for at least three reasons.

To prevent such incidents, provide a text box where they can write their answers, but limit the number of characters the text box can accept. Home | Contact Us | About WebMath | Why WebMath | Website Map | Math Homework Help © 2013 WebMath.com Terms of Use Privacy Policy Contact Us About Us Check Requirements Even when they can cope, they resent having to do so.If you're sending e-mail from a Windows machine, turn off Microsoft's problematic “Smart Quotes” feature (From Tools > AutoCorrect Options, clear How To Ask Questions The Smart Way Pdf Note the curious symptom when I tried C.

But if those questions are asked in private, nobody has the complete picture of what questions are asked most often.If a project has both a “user” and a “developer” (or “hacker”) Question #2: What are your most burning questions about____? Answer this question Flag as... http://www.catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html Asking for help can even be an affectionate gesture. 3 Go somewhere else to talk.

One is simply the size of the pool of potential respondents. How To Ask Questions In Class Use “Please” and “Thanks for your attention” or “Thanks for your consideration”. While it sounds simple, it can be truly difficult to swallow your pride and accept that you can't solve this problem on your own. The line between correcting an incivility and starting a pointless flamewar is thin enough that hackers themselves not infrequently blunder across it; if you are a newbie or an outsider, your

How To Ask Questions In English

How do you make a minimal test case? If you claim you have found a bug, you'll be impugning their competence, which may offend some of them even if you are correct. How To Ask Questions To Get Information This question just begs for "STFW" as a reply.Smart: I used Google to try to find “Foonly Flurbamatic 2600” on the Web, but I got no useful hits. How To Ask Questions The Smart Way The types of questions you ask play an important role in creating a successful survey.

If your mail program doesn't permit this, get a better mail program. Searching with tags can help narrow down the results.If you still didn't find anything, post your question on the one site where it's most on-topic. Anybody got ideas for more tests I can run to pin down the problem?This person, on the other hand, seems worthy of an answer. Revision 3.424 Mar 2007esr New section, "When asking about code". How To Ask Good Questions In Conversation

Say what action solved the problem, but you need not replay the whole troubleshooting sequence.For problems with some depth, it is appropriate to post a summary of the troubleshooting history. That’s what you need to find out, and your customers are the best people to tell you that. Asking What topics can I ask about here? Nor should it; if it did, we would become less effective at the things we do best.We're (largely) volunteers.

When you field a good question, ask yourself “How would the relevant documentation or FAQ have to change so that nobody has to answer this again?” Then send a patch to How To Ask Questions In English Pdf Read and understand the FAQs, sit back, relax and give the problem some thought before approaching experts. Flag as duplicate Thanks!

On the other hand, you can be unswervingly frank and straightforward by asking this question.

Show more unanswered questions Ask a Question 200 characters left Submit Already answered Not a question Bad question Other If this question (or a similar one) is answered twice in this And, if you’re going to ask a multi-choice question, remember to include all the possible answers so as to make it easy for respondents to make their choices. But don't just copy in your entire program! The Art Of Asking Questions And, how well do you meet those needs?

If the querent has been so thorough as to do his or her research and has included in the query that X, Y, Z, A, B, and C have already been The stories range from suspense (“Night Rider”) to irony (“What Kind of Person Are You?”) to twists-in-the-tale (“Problems Solved”) to science-fictional detection, including three stories about an unnamed Luna Immigration Inspector. Instead start an entirely new e-mail.On Web forums the rules of good practice are slightly different, because messages are usually much more tightly bound to specific discussion threads and often invisible Use them to find the project webpage most closely associated with the hardware or software giving you difficulties.

And, that’s the next point. 3. These professionals exist to help normal, sane people like you - you're not crazy just for talking to someone about your problems. 4 Maintain a positive self-image. Flag as... They'll appreciate it immensely and they'll be more likely to help you out in the future.

Go read it.RTFM has a younger relative. Often times these groups will direct you to programs that will help with one area of your financial problem, such as assistance with your heating bill or classes in money management. Nor is it useful to insist you've been personally insulted when someone comments that one of your claims was wrong, or that his views differ. See also: What are tags, and how should I use them?

Tips Appreciate the help you receive even with a Thank You. What types of questions should I avoid asking? The killer was never found, and Walter has a feeling Billy's perpetrator might be the same man from twenty years ago. J.

I'll be glad to translate responses, if you only use one or the other. We'll just ignore you. Asking convoluted questions may confuse or even frustrate respondents. Going through life without ever admitting you're wrong is no way to live - people who are too proud to ask for help have to rationalize their stubbornness through increasingly complicated

Go right ahead.

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