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Solved: Problems Exporting/Importing WP11 Address Book

Jim Flynn10-01-2004, 10:13 AMCyndi, I have reinstalled the address book but half of the dialog box is still blank. How specifically do you go about creating a “new user.” Are you referring to a new User Account in Windows? After I locate WP 8.0 DPE for Linux, how do I install it, and what can I do to improve and fix it?Your first challenge may be to unpack Note that [*empty*] cannot be selected for [Name] or [Fax]. http://bornsunsoft.com/solved-problems/solved-problems-with-sp2.html

Thanks for continuing to follow this thread for me. In Windows Explorer, I located the address book folder for WP11. The fact that there are so many postsalluding to problems with SP1 should lead responders to be a littlemorehelpful and a little less picky.Post by Nelson MoffatWP11, W2K. As long as Corel continues to offer keys (at http://venus.corel.com/nasapps/wp8linuxreg/register.html or http://nas.corel.com/nasapps/wp8linuxreg/register.html), it seems fair to give them the marketing information they gain thereby.

That also can beimported into WP11. By logging in, you'll be able to shop from among special offers and upgrades customized just for you. Goldstein and Valentijn Sessink specifically for their valuable feedback, Bob Tennent and Jim C. How do I fix that?WP 8.0 for Linux was distributed as a dynamically linked ELF binary, linked against libc5 (C library), libm (the related math library), a set of

I reallydon'twant "hints and tips". WP 8.0 DPE for Linux installs but won't start on my Linux distribution. Also, the licence permitted only personal, non-commercial use. To import address book data from other applications, you must select the appropriate items to import.

Provide Your Address Help and Support Email Support Email Account Settings Exporting/Importing Address Book from Outlook Express Importing and Exporting Contacts Address Book can import contacts from other Address Book files, Type "ldconfig -v | grep libSM.so.6", which must show some libSM.so.6.0*. I consider 8.1 vastly preferable.

6.2. I jotted thisdown, and did the same thing for the rest of my ABs.

I copied _just_ the 4 ADDR*.* files (and _not_ the .ab9 files) fromthe WP9 Address Book folder to the WP11 Address Book folder, overwriting the4 (new) originals. Attached is a gif image of the problem screen. The Future >8.1. TDS Telecommunications Corporation is a subsidiary of Telephone and Data Systems, Inc., recognized as a Fortune 500® 2016 company.

How do I add additional language files (other than US English) to WP 8.0 DPE (or the 2003-4 "pilot project" re-release)?4.8. CSV files are exported using Unicode encoding. Corel found the problem very unusual and it took several calls to get the problem solved. How do I fix that?4.

For each field, select an appropriate item from the list.Select [*empty*] for fields for which there is no data to import. his comment is here CLOS was another. Why didn't Corel do WP 9 as a native Linux port?6.3. You may not reverse-engineer or modify it.

Ithink I found them in MyDocuments/CCWin9, but when I copied them to WP11'sAddr3ess Book, they are no longer in the several address books, but all inone without any formatting!I really object Jim Flynn09-29-2004, 06:53 PMThe screens that I get are the same as those in the screen shots. How can I add more fonts to WP 8.0 DPE?You can't. this contact form In other words, no number suffix is used.

These will probably be optional packages for your distribution, not installed by default. Be aware that the electronic-format WP manual included is for character-mode WP, not the graphical X11 version.

The Smith book is valuable for its highly-comprehensive coverage of Linux topics; the Harris I see the process "wpexc" still running in my system process table, even after quitting WordPerfect.

However, it's worth checking on eBay.

Corel then hired a spinoff firm (Software Development Corporation aka SD Corp., formed by the Unix port's manager and developers) to port WP versions 6, 7, 8.0, and 8.1 to both As the root user, start xwp with the -admin (or -adm) command-line option, then select and install an appropriate printer driver, using the Add Printer Driver widget. (In such cases but Show Ignored Content As Seen On Welcome to Tech Support Guy! How do I stop the WP 8.x installer from getting diagnostic message "../install.wp: [: 18-10: integer expression expected" followed a short while later by termination with a Segmentation Fault error?

Is there anything I can do to maintain or improve WP9 for Linux?6.4. How do Ifix it?Thanks Barry MacDonnell 2003-08-25 08:44:59 UTC PermalinkRaw Message I noticed that after I installed WP11 (or maybe WP11/sp1), my WP9/sp4address books (AB) were unavailable on both my desktop Where can I find a copy of WP 8.0 DPE for Linux? navigate here How do I get printing to work?3.11.

The files _without_ number suffixes were copied overADDRBK.FX, ADDRBK.FX2, etc., and the files _with_ number suffixes werecopied over their corresponding numbered files.I now have the same ABs in both WP9 and How do I add fonts to WP 8.1?First, as the root user, physically place them in /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/Type1/ , or wherever system-wide Type 1 fonts go on your distribution. This brought back my address books in WP9.2. If you choose Other in the Font Size list, you can set custom options in Custom Font Size by either selecting one of the percentage options in the drop-down list or

That might depend on licensing.)

If you get errors about libm.so.5 being missing when you run the language module's Runme script, see FAQ section "Can my language's absence from the "WordPerfect It has "reveal codes". You may not reverse-engineer or modify it. What's the difference between the WP versions bundled with CLOS boxed-set versions 1.0 and 1.2?5.8.

Where will we get new WP 8.0 registration keys, if / when Corel stops offering them at the page linked from http://venus.corel.com/nasapps/wp8linuxreg/register.html?5. How do I get WP to support my wheelmouse?You need to run "imwheel -k" (which utility must, of course, be installed) just prior to launching WP. Last, it was compiled dynamically linked against some now-obsolete libraries, which must thus be furnished for its benefit (prior to installation).

Balanced against these drawbacks is supplies of 8.0 DPE being Goldstein's HOWTO for installing WP 8.x on Libranet gives more detail: http://libranet.com/support/2.8/wp8libranet2.8


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