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Solved: Problems With Airlive WMM-3000R Router

A: Campro Express 64 does not support MAC OS. For further installation, please refert to the PDF file. A: Click here. I have a habit of turning off all electronic stuff at night and I'm doing the same with my router. Check This Out

More detail explains about what STUN server isA STUN (Simple Traversal of UDP through NATs) server allows NAT clients (i.e. DownLoad Q: CoreNVR CMS Demo Video A: http://fs.airlive.com/files/CoreNVR%20CMS%20Demo%20Video.mp4 Q: Problems with login CoreNVR through IE? DownLoad Q: Airlive Router Basic Configuration Video A: Q: Is there any App that can help me to view my IP camera on my smart phone (iOS or Android)? Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome? find more

A: Please click the file. DownLoad Q: I tried to download the iOS APP but the link doesn't seem to work A: Please refer to the attached file. Q: How works the ICR function in Camera? However, since each product use different method for key generation.

A: Q: How to adjust the varifocal lens of OD-2050HD? Q: Why can’t login to Air3G even if I also tried the reset button? Q: How come the PoE doesn't work? A: Preset Point: 128 Preset PointsTour: 16 tours Q: How many Preset Point and Tour that I can set?

A: Please click the PDF file. A: A: FAT32, NTFS and EXT3 Q: When will the disk full alarm be triggered ? Q: How to use Plug and Play function with IP Camera? http://www.airlive.com/support/faq/WMM-3000R Q: How to fix the SD card problems with POE-280HD?

Therefore, it is NOT recommend to use. DownLoad Q: SD-2020 Upgrade FW and ActiveX Guide A: Please refer to the PDF file. If modem first and then router doesn't work for you look for a firmware upgrade for the router. Q: Does CamPro Express 64 have NTP function?

Q: Why the live view loss connection only when login in remote site? A: Click the PDF file. Q: What kind of file format that PtG Converter supports? A: You can restore AirMax5N to the factory default settings by pressing on the “reset button” more than 5 seconds and the reset button is located on the PoE Injector as

Should I do something to prevent them from rusting? his comment is here Cards communicate directly with each other. PcWinTech Administrator PcWinTech Guru Join Date: Jul 2008 Posts: 16,846Location: USA Karma: 523 "Knowledge should be shared not hidden." Re: port forwarding on airlive WMM-3000R problem « Reply #1 on: August DownLoad Q: When I changed AP60 to AP Mode, why can't my PC get IP address automatically?

A: Click here. Call your Internet service provide and check if there's something wrong with their service. For full puzzle of the video association, please refer to the attach table. this contact form Test duration: continuous immersion in water Depth specified by manufacturer Reference: Wikipedia Q: How to upgrade the latest firmware of NVR 8 /16 ?

If yes, just switch the bar to AP mode, then you can login the web management with the PC via wired connection since the Ethernet port will be changed as WAN Q: I don't seem to get reliable connection with my AP. Advertisement Lotar Thread Starter Joined: Jun 11, 2008 Messages: 15 Hi, recently, I bought myself a wireless router mentioned in the title.

Post a screen shot of the results of my port tester program.http://www.pcwintech.com/simple-port-testerNext post a screen shot of the port forwarding page in the router.Shane Logged (My weekends belong to my wife

Using this method, users must enter a 10-digit number( for 64-bit) or 26-digit number( for 128-bit) in the KEY field. Q: How to configure the WIAS-1200G via console mode? Therefore, IR-cut filter should be on at daytime and off at night. A: Click here.

DownLoad Q: How to install WL-1700USB driver on Win8? Then, please Click here to download the installation guide. So how can I solve the problem? navigate here Q: Where could I find Pin code?

The 40bit and 64bit encryption are the same because of out 64 bits, 40 bits are private. A: Click here. A: No, you cannot use VoIP-120A to call out via PSTN, because VoIP-120A supports two FXS ports which connected with two analog phones, so if you want to call out via That will not only make the hard driver break but also the video data lose.

A: Please refer to the attached file. DownLoad Q: Can I use Google Chrome or Firefox with the IPCAM? A: While a lot of cameras are able to send dual (or triple) streams at the same time, the CamPro Professional is capable of configuring multiple channels for each stream format Q: Why can't I export record video to AVI format in Windows 7?

What can I do? DownLoad Q: What maximum Hard Disk size can be support by N450R? DownLoad Q: Why sometimes my PC ping AirVideo-100 v2 and the ping take longer time? DownLoad Q: When I connect to AP via wireless, it requests PIN code.

Q: How to use two-way audio function? If the camera image appears to be too bright and lose contrast. I can’t hear the sound from the PC. I set the IP address port at 88.

Q: Why some user can connect to WH-5400CPE, but some user can not? A: Active PoE has active components inside and it is able to transfer power up to 100 metres. A: Please refer to the attached file.

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